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Adúrna's application (90, sPriest) [A]
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Author:  Adurna [ Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Adúrna's application (90, sPriest) [A]

About ME

Real name: Gustav
Age: 20
Location: Sweden

My name is Gustav and I hate describing myself or what I do.
Either way, stuff I enjoy other than playing WoW and video games in general is pretty much most computer stuff.
I am a music fanatic. And I'm not talking about someone that listens to one single playlist and be like "UMFFGZ MUSIKZ IS MY LIFE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT" or "THIS SONG TOTALLY DESCRIBES MY FEELINGZ AND LIFE RITE NAO" after listening to that song and playlist on shuffle and repeat for 2 months straight. No. I listen to albums and music like it's a story, like a book. I sit down in nothingness and do nothing else but to listen to the music, and I do that a lot. I also discuss and analyze a lot of music. So if you want some SRS music discussion I'm down.
I also play guitar and sometimes make music on the computer.

You will find out other stuff about me as the time goes on, if you even care.

About YOU

I want to join CTSamurai to raid and have people to hang out with and chat with while playing WoW. I want a solid group of people to pursue raiding and show up on time and be motivated. That is pretty much it.
I used to play a lot in the end of vanilla, TBC and WotLK. Nothing in Cata, I just came back. I have cleared all of MSV and before that I did a lot of raiding in TBC and WotLK. Almost all raids in TBC and most of the raids in WotLK except for the ones near the end.
I don't know anyone in the guild (that I know of), Getplockarn told me to apply if interested while I was searching for a guild.

About your character

Name: Adúrna
Level: 90
Class: Priest
Spec: Shadow (I can respec to whatever is needed)

I play and enjoy many classes, priest is just my current main. (I used to played Rogue, Shaman, Druid and DK in raiding before, from TBC to WotLK).
I play Shadow at the time because that is what my last guild needed me to be. I think I enjoy shadow a little bit more right now though, because it's seems to me that there is much more to take in to consideration for maximizing DPS for example, and I like that stuff. I always want to try my absolute best and top meters. For whatever reason.

Final thoughts

I don't expect much from a guild. But showing up on set times is a must. I left my last guild due to half of the raids being canceled because the people that we needed didn't show up. I really don't want to waste my time again. I have high hopes for a new guild though, with new players and friends.

Author:  Getslaven [ Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adúrna's application (90, sPriest)


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