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 Post subject: Fengsun Application (Arms Warrior) [A]
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:21 am 

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About Me

Real Name: Viktor
Age: 19
Location: Sweden

I've been playing WoW on and off ever since I started playing with my friends during TBC. The reason I stuck with it was the social aspect of the game, and when all my friends quit, so did I. Recently I graduated high-school and decided to wait with continued studies because I wanted some time to relax and enjoy myself. Due to this I've finally aquired the time to devote myself to time consuming games, like WoW. I am generally a social guy that has no problem interacting with people I barely know, not to say I have a problem talking to the people I DO know (that would be kinda weird..). Other than WoW I've played MOBA games for a long time (Mainly Dota and LoL) and I enjoy video games in generall. I am also a big fan of music and I listen to a wide variety of genres. Music is a way for me to relax and escape from the worries in the real world. Drawing is also a big hobby om mine and I strive to hone my skills as soon as inspiration strikes. Combined with music I can sit the for days, straining my eyes and blasting my eardrums.

About You

My reasoning for wanting to join CTSamurai is to engage in a fun group of people that know what they are doing and enjoy it. I'm hoping for a patient group that progress trough discussion rather than raging and yelling. Making some new friends is a perk I cherrish, friends I can play both WoW and other online games with.
WotLK was the period when I was the most active as a raider and I ran though all the raids except ICC (due to quitting the game). I have devoted alot of my game time into leveling alts due to the fact that I my real life got in the way raiding schedules. Plus, I do really like the leveing experience. My time in MoP so far has been delightful and I am very pleased with the expansion. I just recently started raiding and I hope to assist in progression for my character as well as progression for the guild.
Adúrna, the priest you've recently picked up, is my IRL best friend since 6 years back, just FYI.

About Your Character

Name: Fengsun
Level: 90
Class: Warrior
Spec: Arms (ATM, willing to respec if needed.)

This character was leveled thought the SoR insta 80 feature. I chose warrior because it is a class I haven't gotten to play as much as I wanted. He was supposed to be a tank but I decided in the way of DPS instead. If the stars align I might be able to gear up to become a tank if needed. My former mains have been Warlock, DK and Shaman, all DPS. This is also the reason I want to tank up and try it out.

Final Thoughts
As mentioned, I've really enjoyed my time in Mists of Pandaria so far, both the questing and the instances and raids. Although I have not yet went through MSV, I am well aware of the tactics on all the bosses. I really hope I get a serious consideration as a member of your guild and hope to get to know you all. Peace! I'm out.

 Post subject: Re: Fengsun Application (Arms Warrior)
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:00 am 

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Nicely done application, feel free to contact me ingame if you want to discuss it on Ayunae/Selari/Ariahnrod. Alternatively someone like Nonplus or Getslaven may be able to help you!

 Post subject: Re: Fengsun Application (Arms Warrior)
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:08 pm 
Rogue Class Leader

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I really like the application.

Please contact me ingame on Getslaven. We need to discuss the raiding part as well. :mrgreen:

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