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 Post subject: Sev's Application. (Priest 90)[A]
PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:35 pm 

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Sev - Shadow Priest - 90

About you

Real name: Anthony Priest (Yes that's my real surname)
Age: 24
Location: England

Hello! I currently live on the south coast of England, formerly a stocks and shares administrator but now inbetween jobs with a fair amount of free time for my hobbies including World of Warcraft obviously, some other online games such as diablo and dota. I also play poker and would concider myself an intermediate guitarist.

I ordered my copy of WoW from eBay a week after its release and have been shoveling £8.99 a month into blizzards mouth ever since. I have generally played a different class every expansion with the exception of Priest which I continued from Cata into MoP. My raiding experience is quite extensive and I have taken part in every tier of raiding content from Molten Core to the content in 5.1, all at a time when it was current and challenging. The exception to this was Dragon Soul as I took a short break during this period.

About us

The reasons I wish to join CT are quite simple, you appear to be a well established english speaking guild with suitable raid times and the members I have come across have been friendly and helpful, and while I have briefly played with a few members I don't know any well enough to feel comfortable using their names to vouch for me, hopefully this will change in the future.

About your character

Name: Sev
Level: 90
Class: Priest
Spec: Shadow with Holy offspec

There are many reasons I enjoy playing Priest however one of the biggest reasons is the incredible utility and support a well-played priest can bring to a raid squad, with the right skill-set subtle actions that often go unnoticed can alter the outcome of boss attempts, such as life-saving leap of faiths or tank-saving void shifts. This teamed with their array of survivability options make it an enjoyable class to raid as.

As far as my actual DPS goes I feel I perform well and regularly keep up to date with priest related resources and websites, experimenting with gear and talents. A link to my armoury profile is below.

I will leave my Shadow PvE gear on for the purposes of that link until my application period is over.

I'll be happy to discuss my gear, reforge talent and glyph choices with anyone who holds concern.

Just a side-note I also have a set of Holy raiding gear and would concider myself very comfortable healing raids, I have been an offspec healer for my previous guild and I felt like I kept up with the regular healers. I won't go into too much detail about my healing history as I don't want this application to be too long.

I have lots of experience with the other classes and a multitude of alts including a 90 paladin & shaman, and various other level 85's.

Final thoughts

I hope this didn't drag on too much and I know I haven't included much hard evidence to my claims such a dps logs, screenshots. I got the impression you were more interested in someones character and not their... character.

I'll be happy to answer any questions, quieres, thoughts, concerns in-game or in a message here.

Thanks for reading!

 Post subject: Re: Sev's Application. (Priest 90)
PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:04 pm 
Rogue Class Leader

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Whisper Getslaven, Nonplus, Obscura, Ayunae, Sepparash or Rattlesnake ingame for an invite

-- Accepted --

--- EDIT ---
Was in a bit of a rush yesterday. Your apply is really well written. Some people even said it looked like a real apply :shock:

Anyway, you are welcome to us but as stated in Mayinjurs apply I can't promise 100% raid attendance. I'm not sure how things look from 5.2 onwards. As always im going to fit everyone in as best I can as long as it dont hurt the other 9 in the raid.


--- End edit---

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