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Namazuki Application
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Author:  Namazuki [ Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Namazuki Application

Real name: Sondre Sveen
Age: 23
Location: Norway ( Haugesund )

Well not much to tell, becoming a dad, getting married for new year I am 23 year's old, love drawing all kind of stuff, play games, football with friends and drinking games do they count??? :D

About us

Well it is kinda a long story, was raiding trough the whole xpac with Train and Kouro in Titan's at launch for legion I tried joining a guild with an IRL friend that didn't go so well so now I am here looking to raid with some people I know to have a good old fun time. What I want from this guild is humor, fun times but also some serious times in raid or dungeon grps or what ever the guild might be doing, so just looking for a good time and a place to spend it in legion <3

About your character

Name: Namazuki and Namazukii
Level: 107 ( 110 soon ) and 110
Class: Dk and Rogue
Spec: Frost/Blood and Outlaw/Ass

Always played rogue so it's the class I will always have the most fun with, my DK I made for testing my feet in new water and I am loving it. Spec's well outlaw looks badass ( Ass is better sadly ) will be playing the spec which is best for me and the guild as long as I can preform at the same level on both specs.

Ditto for my DK

Final thoughts

I would just like to have a place where I can say home as the legion xpac I have had yet to find that place sadly :(

Author:  Animma [ Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Namazuki Application

I'm not sure if anyone got to contact you yet, but feel free to get a hold of me ingame on either Ayunae-Neptulon, or Lahaliel-Neptulon.

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