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 Post subject: Thuven, Paladin 110 application
PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:36 pm 

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Location: Kemi, Finland
Real name: Jussi Keinänen
Age: 35
Location: Kemi, Finland, Europe, Tellus

Hai, a long time WoW player making a return to the game. I quit in december 2016 when my guild fell apart. I was waiting for Nighthold back then and was very exited to get something new to raid. But my guild started to lose raiders and after 5 cancelled raids core people left in a blur. It was a second time i witnessed guild breakup. Ill post some history next per expansion.

Warlords of Dreanor: Leveled up to 100, did some dungeons, played mostly with randoms and my girlfriend.
Mists of Pandaria: Leveled up, geared up, did a few months of raiding and liked it but some IRL happenings forced me to quit.
Cataclysm: Last expansion where i raided with Northrenders. We killed Cho*gall but failed to kill Nefarion and after 2 months of trying alot of drama forced the guild to stop raiding and most of people left.
Wrath of the Lich King: Raided with Northrenders, killed all bosses on normal difficulty but failed to make progress on heroic.
The Burning Crusade: Cleared Sunwell to Brutallus but didnt get a kill.
Vanilla: Was a part of a finnish guild called Northern Twilight until i joined Northrenders to experience Naxxramas before TBC. Cleared all content up till Four Horseman, almost killed them with a combined run with another guild on the eve of TBC launch.

Thats a lot of history, been playing this game on/off since the EU closed beta of October 2004. My paladin is my first character and my main. I have been healing for my whole raiding life.

About us

I'm looking for other old school players who like the game for the doing things together mentality. Your guild has been around for a long time so that tells me people like playing together. And i would like to part of a community of that kind. I don't expect to be a part of the main team doing progression raiding. I don't like using LFG/LFR tools because they lack the social interaction I want from a MMO game. I'm hoping to find people to do dungeons, world quests and other content with. I'm always up for just about anything, just ask.

About your character

Name: Thuven
Level: 110
Class: Paladin
Spec: Holy

I fell in love with healing from the very start. Staring at bars and clicking buttons is my thing. I use Icyveins.com for choosing my skills and gear. My item lvl is 894 and artifact level is 59.

I have alts but they are just for professions.

Final thoughts

Our first kill of Thaddius, one of the best moments of my WoW career.


"What we need now is not the diary of the past, but instead the calendar of the future."

Admiral Dusty Attenborough

 Post subject: Re: Thuven, Paladin 110 application
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:19 pm 
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Hey there Jussi!

Thank you for the wonderful app, really appreciate the effort and it is always nice to see old-school players come by.
You are more than welcome to join our little community, as you said a lot of us are much like you (I was maining my vanilla paladin up until legion) and I don't doubt you will fit in nicely.

We do try to raid mythic and clear stuff but the majority of our members aren't raiding. Usually when people stop they stick around.
We have a nice Facebook group where we share news and jokes and also play other games together, not only wow.

I will give you more info ingame, whisp any officer for an invite!


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