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 Post subject: Strongeyes's Application
PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:15 pm 

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About you:

Real name: Aleksandar Gelev
Age: 20
Location: London, United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Aleksandar Gelev, 20 years old, and I am from Bulgaria, but currently living in London, UK. I am studying in the UK more specifically - photojournalism. Also I work in a small library, transferring the physical text into digital. My main interests are focused upon my studies, but in my free time I love to play Wow and go to the gym. I'm all about that healthy life.

About us:

I am really interested in Mythic Raiding as well as any other type, basically, and also I would love to have people that are available to do M+. I also think that CTSamurai is this friendly place, which I am looking for.

About your character:

Name: Strongeyes
Level: 110
Class: Hunter
Spec: Beast Mastery

When they introduced the new Beast Mastery spec in Legion, I knew i would love it because my fantasy for BM was exactly this - 2 pets to guard you while you are sniping from distance. I wanted to be able to do this since I first saw the Vanilla trailer( the way it begins with the dwarf hunter sniffing the air and petting with bear pet). Now on the rotation of the spec: It is based all around a CD spell which we see in the face of Bestial Wrath. This is a spell which increases the your damage and the damage of your pets significantly. Also with the Killer Cobra talent you get to sneak more Kill Commands which are one of the main abilities. So the rotation for a single target boss fight is as follows:
-Bestial Wrath
-Kill Command (so your pets start attacking the target)
-Aspect of the Wild
-Titian's Thunder
-Dire Beast
-Dire Beast
-Murder of Crows
-Trinkets (Tarnished Sentinel's Medallion is very nice to be used after Murder of Crows because the trinket procs off from the spell)
-Kill Command
-Cobra Shot
-Kill Command
-Cobra Shot
-Dire Beast
and so on...

For AOE oriented fight you start similarly; however instead of starting with Kill Command, I send my pets to attack the multiple targets with Multi-shot and then after that I keep the Beast Cleave buff which Multi-shot provides. Also for both situations is very important to cast every Dire Beast, as fast as possible, and don't over stack it because it reduces the CD of Bestial Wrath.

https://imgur.com/78S9BoE - This is my UI. The addons I am using are BigWigs, Weak Auras, Elv UI, Details and GTFO. I like to keep my screen clear, but also to have a clear understanding of what is happening around me and what exactly the boss is doing/casting.

Final thoughts:

I am serious and like to complete everything I start doing. I am not a person who triggers from a few wipes and also in general people say that I am very calm individual. I think this is important aspect which I would like to bring to your raiding community.

And the poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I had joy when I was writing this application for you. :)

 Post subject: Re: Strongeyes's Application
PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:40 am 

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Hey there, Thanks for the Application, everything looks good. Would like to get you in, I know you added me on battle.net, so we can talk more about it and I can answer any questions you have there.

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