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 Post subject: Kirilas's Application (Shaman, 70) [A]
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:27 am 
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About you

Real name: Dave
Age: 24
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Born and bred in Greater Manchester, England, I was fortunate enough to get myself all nice and addicted to the Internet. *Injects Internet directly into his veins* At the age of 17, it was in this magical, ethereal world that I would meet a very special Dutch girl who would eventually become my wife; and who would eventually become ‘Orubey-ruby-ruby’ to CTSamurai. I’ve now been living with her in the Netherlands for almost three years, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about two of those years, and I’m not likely to stop any time soon.

About us

The reason I want to join CTSamurai is because you guys seem fun. And isn’t that what this game’s about? With the exception of Chinese gold farmers, WoW should NEVER be a chore. I know some people who talk about their guilds raids like it’s an evening shift at work. I think ‘why?’ I’ve been listening in on your raids on Orube’s TeamSpeak, and you all sound like nice, mature people, with a good sense of humour, and a similar vision of the game as me. WoW is to be enjoyed, and to make friends! I also think I can learn a lot about my class and build from other people in the guild, as most of you seem to know what you’re talking about.

About your character

Name: Kirilas
Level: 70
Class: Shaman (40/0/21)
Spec: Elemental

I enjoy dealing damage. That’s something I was somewhat deprived of when I levelled my first character, a protection Paladin. But I don’t want to be a pure DPS class, I like having the diverse support role in a group that my totems give. I was always very appreciative of a shaman in my group in the past! Totems are awesome! I levelled my shaman in enhancement, and while I enjoyed being a melee class, casting was something I never tried before (aside from using Lightning Bolt to pull), and I quickly grew to like it. It’s also nice that should the need arise; I can heal a respectable amount thanks to bonus spell damage and healing. It’s nice being able to adapt, and still output some good DPS, which is why I love playing an elemental shaman.

Name: Ludinar
Level: 70
Class: Paladin (0/20/41)
Spec: Retribution

Just a couple of days ago he was protection spec, but after months of gathering dust, I thought it was about time I prepared him for Wrath of the Lich King. I may get him back to tanking again when he reaches level 80, but for the time being, it’s too much of an annoyance gearing him up. I’ve considered deleting him a couple of times, but he holds a special place in my heart as he’s my first character on this account (after having a level 11 orc hunter as my very first character ever, and a level 25 night elf hunter as my second - both on Orube's account, which we used to share!) Also his jewelcrafting is only ten points shy of the maximum, and I levelled him in protection, back before Blizzard made levelling easy. That’s just too much work to go to waste! I’m not too interested in having him join CTSamurai, but at the very least, you might find me on him from time to time. Furthermore, I heard they might be making paladins more interesting to play in the expansion... *Gazes thoughtfully skyward*

Final thoughts

I’m Jerry Springer, and this is my final thought: I’ll be one of the sheep that’ll be creating a Death Knight in the expansion. He will be a side project of course, but if I enjoy the DK class enough, he may replace Ludinar as my tank character. His name will be Seigfried, and he’ll be a human Death Knight (currently he’s a level one warrior). Or he may be called ‘Weegit’. Yes, a gnome. Speaking of names, Ludinar is currently the only one in Europe! I’m as excited about WotlK as I was when I got a toy Jurassic Park T-Rex with real stomp and roar sounds when I was eight. I can’t wait to see the new instances and raids, and I hope I’ll get to discover them with you guys.

Anyway, I saw two application forms, and felt like filling in the old one as well. Think of it as a gift from me: the gift of exercise for your scroll-wheel finger!

Section 1 - About Yourself

1. Real name: Dave
2. Age: 24
3. Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

4. Why do you want to join CTSamurai?: My wife is in CTSamurai, and has been for quite some time. I’ve been present for quite a lot of CTS’s raids; sat to the right of Orube, listening in whilst doing my own thing. You all sound like a fun bunch of people, and you make raiding fun, and not at all like a full-time job in a dimly-lit stockroom.

5. Do you have friends in the guild who would recommend you? If so please state who, and how you know them: As I mentioned above; my wife, Orube, is a member. I’ve known her for around seven years now, possibly longer. But in World of Warcraft terms, we levelled our first characters from level one to level 70 together; the day The Burning Crusade was released. Ah, the good old days, back when Azuremyst Isle was chock-full of wee draenei asking how you get to ride an elekk at level 11.

6. What guilds have you been in and why did you leave?: I’ve been in a couple of small guilds, but other than ‘Royal Draenei’ (a short lived guild made on TBC release day by a real life friend) and ’Vipers’ (a guild made by in-game friends), I can’t remember their names. I only ever left one of them because the members were immature, desperate for female (read: males playing female characters) attention, and they were all generally quite annoying. The others disbanded due to leadership disputes, and one was disbanded after the guild leader’s account was hacked by a sinister Norwegian fellow.

7. Have you read the pages marked About and Apply linked at the top of this page and the Brief Guide to Ranks and Raiding on the Join CTSamurai forum?: Yes, I did. I read them out loud in a silly voice. I might be lying. But nobody’s home to dispute that claim! Regardless, I did read them.

8. What do you enjoy doing most in WoW?: Socialising, and grouping to co-operatively complete in-game goals (be they quests, instances or PvP). In multiplayer games I much prefer to work co-operatively with another player than to play against people, so I’m definitely more of a PvE person. But once in a blue moon I do get the urge to PvP a wee bit. I also enjoy gearing up, or helping gear other people, and levelling my professions and learning new patterns/recipes etc.

9. How often do you play?: Every day, and most days, several hours at a time. Way beyond the point of getting square eyes.

10. How experienced a player would you say you were (how long have you played your character and to what stage of raiding have you achieved)?: I have two alliance characters at level 70 on Neptulon, and one horde character at level 55 on Ragnaros. I’ve played pretty much every class up until around level 20 so while I don’t know all their high level skills, I know a little about each class’ mechanics. I’ve been playing since a few months before the release of The Burning Crusade, my paladin’s been level 70 for almost a year and my shaman has been level 70 for around four or five months. Raiding-wise unfortunately I missed the pre-TBC raids, but I’ve been to Kharazan often, and a couple of times to Magtheridon’s Lair and Gruul’s Lair, and just recently once to Zul’Aman. I would say I’m quite experienced, but being guildless for most of my level 70 life, I’m not as experienced as I could be by now, raid-wise.

11. What is your biggest weakness as a player? I sometimes forget which mobs in an instance fear or sleep (and so on), and forget to use a tremor totem until after the first fear or sleep or whatever goes down. I’ve also been known to wipe entire raids by attempting a diplomatic solution during boss encounters... they don’t respond well to talks. I might be making that up. I have a couple of times ‘overwritten’ a fire or earth elemental totem with a flametongue or tremor totem in the past too though. Duh.

12. Tell us a little about yourself and your interests outside WoW: Hi, I’m Kirilas, and I’m a shockaholic. (LOL!) I’m a 24-year-old Englishman living in the Netherlands with my wife and two annoying (yet strangely loveable - how do they do that?) cats. I work as a Ground Handling Officer at the airport, and outside WoW and work I keep myself entertained by cinema and pub visits with friends, playing other games like Warcraft III, Starcraft and Guitar Hero III, watching comedy and eating pizza. Yes, pizza is a hobby of mine. I also play a bit of guitar (a real one), and once every month or two I play the Axis & Allies board game with friends. I also dabble a little with photography, I’m a qualified expert Photoshop user, and I enjoy animating in Flash. And if I had a video camera, I’d be making films too, after I made a couple in college. I’ve had the urge to do more since, but cameras are expensive!

If you answer no to any of the following questions please elaborate with a reason

13. Do you have first aid skill 375? I certainly do. In fact, on Kirilas all my professions are max-level.

14. Are you able to install addons such as CTRA/oRA2? Of course. They’ll be on before I next log in. So by the time you read this, they’re probably already installed and configured.

15. Are you able to install and use TS2 and be able to listen to it every raid? Yep, but even if I didn’t, I still have it on Orube’s computer. Should be interesting, TeamSpeak on four speakers and two subwoofers...

16. Are you able to raid between the hours of 20.15 and 00.30 server time Wednesday to Friday evenings and 14.15 till 18.30 server time Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Please note you do not have to be able to attend all these time slots but an indication of how many of these slots you can attend will be useful)? I can make most of those times. There’s probably a couple of occasions in a month that I can’t because of my work schedule (airports, eh?), but I get my roster a month in advance (or months if I snoop around the computer at work), so if I can’t make it, there’s plenty of advance warning.

Section 2 - About Your Characters (please repeat this section for each character applying for membership)

1. Name: Kirilas
2. Race: Draenei
3. Class: Shaman
4. Level: 70
5. Build type: Elemental (40/0/21)

6. Why did you choose it and explain why it is a good spec: I wanted a DPS class, but I also wanted a bit of utility. The way I see it, totems are cheap, shuffle-able buffs. The build I chose is mostly intended to increase my spell crit chance, which of course is an important attribute for shamans that rely on crits to proc Elemental Focus, which reduces the mana cost of their next two damaging spells. Coupled with Water Shield and a Mana Spring Totem, I can DPS for AGES without going oom. It also has a longer range, faster cast time, and it often procs Lightning Overload which often launches an additional Lightning Bolt that causes half-damage, and produces no threat. It can also crit! I must admit though, it is a slightly PvP-ish build too, as I’m missing Totem of Wrath (which I’m a little heartbroken about). I’m still deciding whether or not it’s worth respeccing for it, ‘cause I’m not sure if I’ll go enhancement again for levelling to 80 soon. Of course, if I’m asked, I’ll do it.

7. List your attunements / heroic keys: I’m attuned to Molten Core, and I have all heroic keys. I don’t yet have the key to Kharazan, as I can never get a group going for a run to Arcatraz and Steamvaults. But now Orube’s alt and her brother have both hit 70, it’s only a matter of time before I get it. I got around half-way to Onyxia’s Lair attunement, and one day I’ll finish that too.

8. Paste a link to your Armoury profile here. If you have additional sets of equipment (resistance gear, off-class gear, etc) you should give details of these as well: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Neptulon&n=Kirilas

Section 3 - Other Characters (please repeat this section for each character not applying for membership)
1. Character: Ludinar
2. Class, Level: Paladin, 70
3. Guild: N/A
4. Reason for not applying: I don’t play him often enough. He’s still not even ready to off-tank heroics or Karazhan, and that probably won’t change. He’s now retribution anyway, ready for the push to 80.

Phew, thanks for reading! *Dips his fingers in an ice-bucket*

Seigfried (tank/DPS), Kirilas (DPS), Beltain (healer/DPS), Ludinar (tank/DPS),
Suspicious (DPS), Artermis (in progress), Physio (in progress)

 Post subject: Re: Kirilas's Application (Shaman, 70)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:43 am 

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So you finally got round to applying then :P

Has my vote! (not that it'll overly matter :P )


 Post subject: Re: Kirilas's Application (Shaman, 70)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:47 am 
I wish I had a forum rank. I do I do I do.
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Awesome. I may have to sticky this as the new application example :P

Accepted :P

 Post subject: Re: Kirilas's Application (Shaman, 70)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:51 am 
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OMG Sticki this application it's only about the second one I've ever liked! Wooo!

Get's my vote 100% this was amusing and I've seen him perform ;) and conversed with him, an excellent addition to the guild imo!

P.S. Everybody's dead Dave.

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 Post subject: Re: Kirilas's Application (Shaman, 70)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:30 pm 
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It'll need some work.



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