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Fatal - Application / Get to know me post
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Author:  Fatal [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

About you

Real name: Chrysovalantis Constantinou (Chrys)
Age: 29
Location: Cyprus

Gaming wise info:
Hello there. I have been actively gaming since the age of 14 and have played a number of games competitively both FPS, Moba and RTS. My first and real passion was Counter Strike, I was a "professional gamer" here in Cyprus until the age of 19, winning a number of local tournaments and even got the opportunity to represent and play in ESWC, however, I was not able to attend due to national service prohibition. This pretty much killed my love for that game and I moved over to World of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft vanilla as soon as I dinged my priest I had been approached by the #1 guild on server and was actively raiding and pushing for server firsts - first priest on server with benediction iirc. Due to misunderstanding I decided to re-roll alliance and went rogue Emerald Dream. With my rogue after around 4 weeks of solo gearing I applied for the top 3 guilds on server and eventually made it into the #1 guild pushing for servers first in which I participated and we held until SSC in TBC (in TBC i was requested to roll lock as it seemed i was the only multi-classer that was able to pull it off at the time - it wasn't a thing back then). It was a hardcore guild, we were raiding 6 times per week on progression and on the 7th day (sounds cheesy) we would run alt raids.
During WOTLK I went back to horde and was approached by the top end guild, however, declined and didnt really play that expansion.
Cataclysm I converted purely to PvP where I held both participated and eventually ran the best RBG group on the server as Rshaman, however, due to lack of good rogues I went back to rogue, we hit 2.3k almost on a server with a limited amount of decent players.
MoP I floated around with PvP, multi-classing and CM running. At a point when I decided to raid with friends i went Feral druid (worse mistake of my life) and cleared HC garrosh a couple of times.
WoD Its been on and off really due to IRL issues (unemployement, employment, newborn). Typically I started the expansion for chilled PvP with irl friends (nothing serious, still isnt really serious as I cant find partners and multi-class). Around 4 or 5 months ago IRL friend approached me to see if I wanted to raid in Overload and I migrated my players base to Darksorrow and overload. I initially played Rdruid as we had issues with healers up until we recruited new players in HFC. I switched to my rogue once we had healers and generally this whole expansion i have been swtiching between the 3 to fill what the guild was lacking: healer/ranger - dps - dps/tank.

Other games:
League of Legends: Gold 1 / diamond 3 team support main
Warhammer online: Top end healer
Myth of Soma: Best archer devil side
Medal of Honor: multiple competition wins in Cyprus
Battlefield 3: multiple competition wins in Cyprus
Quake 3: 2nd place in Cyprus

Finished university in Management Information Systems. I was a Consultant / Junior Project Manager for 2.5 years in NCR. Then unfortunately I became unemployed for 2 more with a Canadian job opportunity failing. Then I was Sales rep and team leader / project manager at a corporate services company. I am current unemployed, however, I believe I got a new job as a Sales executive that I will be starting by the end of next week (finalizing with that company CEO in Cyprus).
I am engaged and have a 9 month old baby boy (means the world to me).
As you can imagine, i love e-sports and gaming overall. I am a true rugby fan (played even local league). That is pretty much it really.

About us

I was approached by Zuriel and after exchanging whispers and then moving to mumble I felt that CTSamurai would be the place for me to be considering my current guild has died. Zuriel's approach to his recruitment procedure was very nice and instantly caught my curiosity. After informing about the guild I became very interested and of course explained things on my end and what I required to be done.

About your character

Name: Fatalje / Haitcheyevee (Zuriel and I discussed - until DK is geared I will be bringing my rogue to mythic progression)
Level: 100 / 100
Class: Rogue / DK
Spec: Combat - Sub or Ass / Frost - Blood

Rogue has sentimental value, probably my most played class (have 3 of them :P). However, I am very multi dimensional as a person, rogue is too 1 dimensional and doesnt really provide any room for assisting a guild or more simply friends with other aspects (e.g DK aoe grip for Xhul vs pressing blade flurry and masshing sinister). DK, i recently swtiched to this as previously I only played this for CM runs / boosts / helping friends. The class always interested me, it was the rune management that agitated me at times, fortunately ive started to overcome this issue, and personally I find blood DK's the most versatile or rewarding tanks to have.

Warlock: 100
Priest: 100
Rdruid: 100 (705 rdruid) + (100 + 100 other servers)
Mage: 100 (Class should be deleted from game)
Shaman: 100 (horde)
Paladin: 40 (Class should be deleted from game)
Hunter: 50 + 100 horde
Rogue: 100 + 100 (2 more rogues)
Warrior: 100 (0 gear)

Final thoughts
I mentioned to Zuriel that i can garantee 2 raids per week, e.g Wed+ sun or Thurs+ Sun due to irl restrictions (STALIN IN HIGH HEELS GUYS :<). Beyond that, i feel CTSamurai would be a good fit for me. Regarding my personally progression Ive been stuck a number of weeks now on 2% archi HC wipes (impossible to find groups without curve to actually down that trash end encounter - HC archi doesnt feel tactic wise such a hard boss for and end boss tbh).
P.S everyone apart from my family and fiance/fiance family call me Fatal.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Mages should get removed,
Along with paladins too.

The hate is real!



Author:  Zuriel [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Best app in years 8)

Welcome aboard mate! Also poke Shark to post one too!

Author:  Fatal [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Thank you for the nice reply regarding my post.

Additionally, thank you for the invite. Regarding Shark, il try get him to post one.

Author:  Eva [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Your poem hurt my feelings a bit, since mage is my main, but i'll let that slide.
your app is one of the best ones I've seen, if not the best.
I look forward to beating you in dps with my mage.

Author:  Fatal [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Thank you for your comments Eva.

I hate the class not the player :). I've always had a dislike for the class - thus me only managing this expansion to actually have a mage that is max level.

Here's a trip down memory lane :)

2 shotting mages the dream! How i miss thistle teas and mind numbing poison

Author:  Zuriel [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Seeing this Vanilla duel pic I know now why you dislike paladins. Reckoning bombs ftw :mrgreen:

Author:  Fatal [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fatal - Application / Get to know me post

Exactly Zuriel - Reckoning paladins, holy dsadsadsadsadasdas >.<!

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