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 Post subject: Kourou / Application
PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:16 am 

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About you

Real name
: Nick

General wow gaming info
Hello, i started playing wow almost 2-3 months after its realease, i do not remember at what age exactly i started playing something that mainly indicates i'm too old for this ?
Anyway in vanilla wow i was clueless about this game as were most of us, i started leveling a druid cause he is the one that looked cooler to me. 1 month after that while i was still leveling with the speed of a puma, i was trying to do a quest and was stuggling to even get down one mob with feral (maybe because of all that intellect cloth gear i had) i saw a paladin rushing next to me, grabbing 3-4 mobs and easily killing them, it was love at first sight. I casually logged out of my druid and made a paladin and never regreted it afterwards.

Raiding wise i've started out in TBC on Bronzebeard, having all that free time back then i was mainly playing at hardcore guilds with 4-5 raids per week etc. the same applies
to WotLK expansion.
When Cataclysm me and train and some friends we've made over the years in Bronzebeard decided to leave the server and come to darksorrow (which was high populated at the time) and start a new guild named Titans, a place perfect for me cause of people sharing my achievement hunting sentiment which is something i can rarely find in a guild.
We raided together pretty much until a month after the release of Blackrock Foundry. At that point the guild started to slowly decline because of people starting to leave cause of real life issues, and responsibilities (bare in mind we all started out as highschool kids and now most of us had jobs or were in college still). So after a while Titans disbanded and i stopped playing, i missed the whole Hellfire Citadel part of WoD + the year of nothingness after it.

Now i'm back and i'm ready for raiding again :)

About us

After a short talk with Tempest i got the feeling that your guild has a mature and friendly enviroment with steady raiding teams, which is mainly what i'm looking for

About your character

Name: Kouroutianos

link to my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/D ... nos/simple

I think i've made it pretty clear how paladin is my thing, i think if i start explaining it more it'll turn into a love letter not an application.
i've also played protection for some alt runs or to easily farm up dungeons (usually at the beggining of each expansion)
i've been with the ret spec in it's ups and downs and i pretty much always enjoyed it. numbers change.

i also have:
Druid: level 100
Warlock: level 100

Final thoughts

1. Me and Train are applying expecting to raid together.
2. Demon Hunters are the golden boys of this expansion as where DKs once, things change.
3. I'm not really fond of the dkp system of loot distribution, i'm used to seeing the loot being given to the people who get a bigger upgrade with it (provided it's the main raid group without trial members etc.) , but i'm not really that bothered about gear so i can learn to live with that.

Q: How many rogues does it take to kill a paladin?
A: Two, one to attack him and one to wait at the Ironforge inn.

Thank you in advance.

 Post subject: Re: Kourou / Application
PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:59 pm 
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Hey Nick,

Zuriel here (Tempest). Wonderful app, very well written, informative yet entertaining, big thank you!
I share your love for Paladins, I have been playing only Paladin since the first days of beta. I picked it up after watching a friend of mine play it in the closed beta, suits me lore wise as well. I have never even though about swapping. This is the first time I switch to another character (my other alts have never been even close to max lvl most of the time). I though it is time to try something else after nearly 12 years. Enjoying the boomkin this far and resto is also very appealing and quite different than Pally healing - I got the change I desired :D

In any case, I will throw you and Alkis an invite later tonight (after 10ST).

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