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 Post subject: Marsoupilami - Fury warrior Application
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:28 am 

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About you

Real name: Nikos Savvanis
Age: 26
Location: Greece - Rhodes

Well.. I am a human being with a functional brain. I am playing wow since WotLK and I play a lot and when I say a lot I mean it.
Anyway!! I think that you should know that currently I am playing from an internet cafe since my computer has been destroyed from overcharge in my house. This is not going to continue since I have ordered a new computer like.. Yesterday morning so I don't know exactly when all the components are going to arrive.

About us

I want to join CTSamurai because of several reasons.
First of all I seek progress and my current guild can't provide me that. I had a discussion with Zuriel about what is happening in my guild.
I know Spigos (aka Drogah) we used to raid together a lot in the past and we are in real life friends as well. Also I know tompiras as well from Spigos (we used to raid together like 3 years ago as I can recall).
Also I used to be in the guild as casual in the past (since I used to work a lot) and I had fun! :)

About your character

Name: Marsoupilami
Level: 110
Class: Warrior
Spec: Fury/Arms/Protection

As I already said, I started playing WoW in WotLK and the reason I started playing this game is Drogah and some other irl friends when I was a freshman in the university. I started lvling up a warrior and the beginning of it was fun!! But then around 37-40 lvls (damn I remember it like it was yesterday) questing became a pain in the !@#$ since I had low ilvl weapons, not enough skills (not like now where you start with like 90% of your skills since lvl 10) my whole journey was rend and autoattack.
I overcame my pain and dinged him to lvl 80 after some weeks. And then I became prot!!!
I liked a lot the playstyle of warriors back then and the same happens to this day!
I am an achievement!@#% ((or well I used to be) and I will start the prostitution again as soon as I get my new PC).
Currently I have an alt DK blood that I am trying to lvlup and I think till the end of the next week I am going to hit 110 (too much time spending on my warrior to deal with alts atm)

Raid experience:

Vanilla:None(I started playing wow in WotLK)
TBC:None(I started playing wow in WotLK)
WotLK: I cleared naxx10, naxx25 (didn't kill Kel'Thusad), Ulduar 10/25 cleared (didn't kill Algalon on 25), ToTC10 heroic cleared, ToTC25 heroic 3/5, ICC10 heroic cleared, ICC25 heroic 11/12
Cata:BWD heroic cleared, BoT heroic 2/4, ToFW 2/2, Firelands 5/7

Guild history:
Vanilla: None
TBC: None
WotLK: When I dinged 80 I joined RiZeN(Genjuros) a social raiding guild and stayed there till the early beggining of icecrown citadel raid tier. After RiZeN I joined Seven Sins(Genjuros) and progressed through ICC.
Cataclysm: One week after cata come out I migrated to sunstrider and joined a guild called Corpus Callosum. The guild was a 10man one and we had two groups. After a missunderstanding my raid leader and my gm had the gm kicked my raid leader (he was a friend as well) so the whole group left the guild. This 10man group created the guild Pewssycat Trolls and we progressed through cataclysm raid tier roughly 10/11 normal. Then we merged with pwn and cleared 5/13 heroic. After 2 weeks the guild disbanded -_-
After pwn I was so dissapointed with sunstrider and an officer from my current guild (Addicts @ balnazzar) wispered me in game with a char and asked me if I am interested to join them, I accepted, cleared the whole content in Heroic and here I am guildless after 2 weeks of raiding.
Then I joined The Nephilim and farmed the whole content on heroic till the end of the expansion.
Mists of Pandaria: I was not raiding a lot back then since I was working a lot (There was where I missed all the achievement farming) when I decided to play again The Nephilim didn't have a spot for me neither as tank or dps and I have been asked to reroll to something ranged but I didn't want to. So I joined you guys as a social in order to be with Spigos.
When I stopped working you didn't have a spot for me on the raid either so I decided to join a friend's guild and progress throughout the new expansion that was coming. Puggers became my friends and I cleared most of the expansion on Heroic but no mythic at all.
Warlords of Draenor: I joined this guild of my friend House Myzzrim till the end of the 2015 and cleared the whole heroic content up to Hellfire citadel plus Mythic up to Socrethar (without Gorefiend cause we used to skip him with another friend's lock - don't ask why! :P). At the end of the expansion my friend decided to disband the guild and join a better progressing one and left us in the mercy of pugging!!
Legion: Some raiders from House Myzzrim decided to creat a new guild called Ambitious Idiot and it was going well till we faced mythic raiding. We didn't have 20 skilled people to run through the entire mythic content, so the officers and GM decided that we should merge with another guild. We did merge with Fluffy Time like they had the same issues with us. It did well.. We killed 3/7 bosses in mythic on our first raid together and I was happy with that cause no merges in my previous game like actually worked but this seemed to work!!! We joined their guild and after 2 weeks of raid the GM decided to stop playing wow.. after he said that to the guild chat almost the whole raid team including the officers left the guild..
We took some ppl from fluffy time and recreated Ambitious Idiot, the same problem appeared, not enough ppl. Another merge happened again with Equinox, some ppl are good some are not but all of them are undergeared for Mythic progress.. We just do the farming stuff for now. And as I said above I want, I need progress!

Final thoughts
I am going to give you some links in order to save you some time!
Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/n ... ami/simple
Logs link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... #compare=1

I am sorry for the wall of text but I think that is everything you need to know of my in game life!!! :)

 Post subject: Re: Marsoupilami - Fury warrior Application
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:49 pm 
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Hey Nikos,

Thank you for the great app, we all appreciate the effort you put in it :)
You already know what our roster situation is and that fighting your way in won't be easy.
Doing just fine will not be enough, you will need to prove you are better.
We are glad that you accepted the challenge and believe you have what it takes to pass it, so muster all your focus and show us what you are made of!

Feel free to poke any officer online for an invite back to the guild and welcome back :)

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