Current Raiding Rules

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Current Raiding Rules

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As of 04/11/2012 the following are our raiding guidelines. If you are applying with the intent of raiding with us we recommend that you check these rules first!


Hi everybody. Being a raid leader isn't always easy. There are many wills, of what I should do and who to pick for raids, and so forth.

I realize that we are not a hardcore guild, but I believe that we should make the best of our raids that we have. Also that we all do our best when we do!

Below is a list of guidelines of what I expect from you, and what you can expect from me. There is also an explanation of how we will perform rotations in the raid if needed.

If the majority of you have a problem with how I conduct and pick raids, then we should look at replacing me as raid leader, since we should aim for a homogenous environment where we all strive to reach the same goal.

What I expect/would like to see from you:
  • Sign 12 hours prior to raid start
    • This makes my world so much easier. I don't have to chase people to know what they are going to
      do that particular evening.
  • Listen to me when I explain tactics or give out certain roles on a specific boss encounter.
    • This is probably the most important factor in who I pick for raids.
  • Focus on your task when we actually raid
    • Will lead to better progress and overall better attitude among the raid group
  • Come prepared
    • Flasks
    • Pots (must last the entire raid)
    • Read the Dungeon Journal/Online guides or watch a video (just search youtube for the boss name) to gain a general idea of the fight - Especially when coming to raids that are already on
      farm. Progress raids work much better when everyone knows what's happening!
People who have ticks on all of the above bullets will most likely see some kind of favouritism from me.

What you can expect from me:
  • There will never be a case where we come to a new boss where I don't have a thought out tactic or a general idea of how we shall conduct the raid.
  • I'm always open for criticism and suggestions as long as they are constructive
    • This is wrong/bad tactic STOP <-- Not helping
    • We could try X instead because of Y <-- Helpful
  • Sometimes my temper can get the better of me. If it does, don't hesitate to call me on it and tell me to calm down.
  • I'm always open to try new tactics if mine fails. Usually we come up with new stuff together during raids which is nice.


Below "rules" are considered from that we have three raids per reset.
  • No one will ever be seated more than one raid per reset given that you have sign to ALL 3 raids during that week. You will also never be seated two farm raids in a row in two resets in a row.
  • You will never be seated two farm raids per reset (due to upgrades to progress on harder stuff)
  • I will have a list in members area where this is noted and can be followed by everyone. In case I make a
    mistake in seating someone too much or any other reason.

The rules above are general, and may be invoked under special circumstances such as:
  • The boss requires a certain setup
  • A certain gimmick from a class helps us tremendously to down the boss for the first time
  • We can't bring X melee because it cripple us too much
  • We might be overrepresented by e.g dps which would mean that tanks and healers are seated less
  • I notice that you:
    • Don't listen to me during raids (as i said before, the most important bullet)
    • Are not focused
    • Expect others to carry you through new content
    • Won't listen to constructive feedback from others of how to improve in certain areas
    • Make generally a worse effort than what can be expected over and over again


Do not expect 100% raid spots in the beginning. It takes some planning and to get you geared up to our level in some cases. So don't be super-disappointed if you are seated on a progress boss where for example the dps requirement are super high.
  • You have equal right to gear as the others
  • When you are in the raid I expect the same from you as the others
Thanks for reading my wall of text

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