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Real name:Nikos

I work as barista mainly mornings 5 days a week.. so i can raid almost 90% of the time..

About us

So the last time i was raiding(not casualy) was back at mop. in throne of thunder in the guild Daunted with some member from the guild(Brewtal,Eva,shadoweye) after that had i went inactive(army duties).. and after the army ... not much time to play the game.. so i started again at draenor.. and untill now i was playing mostly casualy expect the time i joined the guild for some alt runs in Hellfirte Citadel .. with my mage named Ultear.. but now that my job is more stable and have time i missed the raiding and i would like to raid again.

About your character


Well in every game i always premade the melee guy with heavy armor that breaks faces :).. thats why i play him as main after so many years.Way back at bc untill the end of cataclysm i was playing dps..(fury/arms, depends wich one was better at that time).. after that i played the whole mop as tank, i enjoy tanking but always prefered to dps thats why i went back to dpsing again. Can always play offspec tank if guild wants me to.. but i would prefer to stay dps for main role.

Final thoughts

Nothing much to say, if u want more info u can add me in battlenet (Alucard#21786) to ask me..

Greetings Nikos :)
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