makbeth-fury war [D]

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makbeth-fury war [D]

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Greeting everyone

About you

I studied forestry and since i remember myself,i have always playing and enjoying videogames. I used to play Counter Strike (i still am actually:P) and Lineage 2 from 2004 until 2009 and then descovered WoW :D. The first year i have only been playing with my girlfriend but after we broke apart i found out the true joy in playing wow ;) which means spending some time playing with many others at the same time and helping each other in various ways!

About us

I dont know much about your guild, apart from having a solid core and that u exist enough time in our server. The l2 years i have been playing with ghostshiro,who is my actual best friend and we used to play in guild Vehemens together.He recomended u to me if i wanted to ever have some actual progress in game!

About your character

•Character Name: Makbeth
Spec: Fury / prot (havent tanked since ICC though,but ofc i have some gear and experience)
•Professions and Level (/525): Blacksmithing/engineering
•WoW Armoury Link: ... eth/simple
•Tell us about why you play this spec: the fist 1 year i only played only as tank , but i always adored having 2 huge weapons and dealing some serious damage :)) i alsoi like a lot the way my char looks with 2 great swords!
•If required, are you willing to respec? i really like playing as fury , but i could tank in small raids
•Do you have an offspec that could be useful in raids? yes, but not very high (364 i lvl)
•What abilities do you use most in raid scenarios and why?: colossus smash and execute :P max dps
•Do you use keybinds / macros? If so please give more details: no
•What addons do you use and why?: recount, omen, DBM, carbonite
*What days can and can't you raid?:all days , except when i am needed for anything from my family...
*Tell us about your previous guilds: vehemens
*PVE History
*What is your average FPS in raids?
*Is your connection stable? yes
*Can you easily interact in English? yes
*Do you feel comfortable speaking English? yes

Final thoughts

I lost the shoulders token yesterday, right through my hands:P i love playing wow and i play side by side with ghost. I would love to raid with some serious players and i would apreciate if you invited me to your guild.I think i could be of help somehow.
sincerely yours