Jestoka PvE DPS/ Heal Priest

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Jestoka PvE DPS/ Heal Priest

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Real name: Vanko
Age: 21
Location: Bulgaria

Im a dedicated person to whatever I do, I'm also Looking For New Friends And Have Real Good Moments In My Free Time Logged In World Of Warcraft.
My job is something like bussiness that needs alot of patience and working with other peoples so i think i can merge with the guildians without any problems or argues.

About why I would like to join CTSamurai
Well, I was stunned from that how much peoples are being dicks around the whole realm, and once i saw that some mans was looking for peoples to help them with Black Temple Tier Farm Run, so i decided to have leave my jobs away and have some time with a new mates, i asked the raid leader hows his guild and he said its perfect, asked him also what i need if i want to join his guild, and he answer me:
If your not bad i'll wisp you with a link to the site after raid, and i decided why not to give a shot.?

About your character

Name: Jestoka
Level: 85
Class: Priest
Spec: Discipline / Shadow ( if necessary)
ILVL: 350

I more like being healer, cuz most of the raids depends of them, and i have a lot of experience on healing so i think wont be problem to me. I Also like to play PvP like arenas or batlle grounds in the time when is no guild raid or some event.

I have big experience with creating guild events like 1v1tournaments, Hide And Seek, Trivia, Simon Says, was an event officer in my old guild in a private server around 1 year i from peoples advices: They just wanted To make atleast 1 event per day, and they were happy when i announce on GMOTD their names if they win some 1v1 or 2v2..:)

Im currently none of my alts are in raid gear
Deathknight: 64lvl

Yours, Jestoka :)))
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