Unholy DK

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Unholy DK

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About you

Real name: Protasenia Stanislav
Age: 31
Location: Greece

i'm a physical Educator and with my wife we own a cofee shop in greece. If ya even need a capuccino i'm ur man.
I have some days of the week which I can dedicate to WoW and raiding BUT my Sunday and Monday are always spend with my wife.
I was with The Nephilim since Toct and we got 4/5 together before LK kame. I wa always a 25man raider and my achieves are easily spoted in my armory below.

About us

Since I cannot be raider of the nephilim due to not being able to raid all the days they need (3/4 times a week is a must and their raid days involve sunday monday which i spend with my wife) I started to look around for a 10man guild that can raid casualy. From reading the forums I saw that u dont have a schedule and that you seem forgiving about ppl lining up their personal lives ahead of wow.

thus I'm informing ya that there might be moments and weeks that I wont be able to attend.

But i like raiding and i like competitive gaming. If you will suffice with 2-3 raid days on which one can give his best, I'm ur man.

About your character


http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/n ... rro/simple

From first day og LK I made my DK and playing Unholy spec since then. I'm consulting Elitist Jerks for theoryrafting and spec tuning and etc. i kinda feel naked without my pet and I strive to compete at top level of my class even if "they say" other spec is better.

Final thoughts

we all lie
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