ShuShiBG's application (Shaman, 110)

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ShuShiBG's application (Shaman, 110)

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About you

Real name: Georgi
Age: 29
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

<Fill in this space with something about yourself>
I'm an almost 30 years old dude with a lot of love for video games. Everything started with SC1 as I would guess for many of you here as well and throughout my collage years everything was about WoW. 5 years ago I stopped WoW due to not being able to raid hardcore no more and back then there were not many social options besides raiding. Throughout the years i have moved to many different games liked Dota 2 and The division, but have finally come back about 6 months ago to WoW due to a friend who suggested that the game has changed a lot and you did not have to be a hardcore raider to be able to enjoy the game. I have not regretted it since and I'm keeping around a 2-4/5h a day (for most days) in the game, doing mainly M+ and random raids whenever possible.

About us

<Fill in this space with why you want to join CTS, who you know here, etc.>
I'm currently in a Bulgarian guild which sadly has topped being very active (we rarely even talk in chat) and would like to join something more social. As I was looking through WoWProgress CTSamurai stood out as a great social place, without the raiding requirements. After talking to Benjen in game, my decision was set :)

About your character

Name: Ellemental
Level: 110
Class: Shaman
Spec: Elemental

<Fill in this space with why you enjoy playing your character, what choices you made regarding spec, etc.>
Back in the days I used to raid with one of the best Bulgarian Guilds on the Emeriss server with a tank Druid, but have always loved shamans, sadly Blizzard doesn't love them that much :( So when coming back I transfered my Druid and played with him for about 4 months, when I started getting borred by spamming 2 buttons and decided that if I am not going to play hardcore I might as well play the class I want to. This is why I switched to a Shaman and of course an elemental spec (which again is not very loved by Blizzard), but I have not regreted my decision since. Its hard to catch up and gear up and no one wants to take elementals anywhere, but the struggle is worth it :)

<Feel free to repeat this section for alts you may have>

Name: ShuShiBG
Level: 110
Class: Druid
Spec: Bear

Final thoughts

<A space to add anything else you might like to say, or maybe a poem.>
Although I cannot contribute much to the raiding part of the guild, I believe I can be a real good social member, helping players (whenever I can), playing with the other socials or helping out the alts and generally joining the conversation. I miss playing in a guild with social people where we can enjoy the game, as what makes this game great is the atmosphere you play in and not the bosses you kill.

Hope to see you soon
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