Elchupanibre lv 110 balance druid\feral\tanker

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Elchupanibre lv 110 balance druid\feral\tanker

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About you

Real name: Karl
Age: 36
Location: Eslöv, Sweden

I am a 36 yr old guy, that have been playing many games over the yrs, and love games that are good :D
i have been with wow a long time, from the time where hunters had their Epic molten core quest to basically legion
Was there when AQ opend on my first server "wich was an awsome experience" :) Been on neptulon for quite some yrs now, and stayed even when ppl fled the server :/ not that it matters now what server u are on anymore, i play around 4-5 hours, used to be alot more but y u know Work n stuff :D

About us

Have been in the Guild Before, but left it during one of them times, when ppl started to leave the server, wich was some yrs ago now, but i have Always had great times with u guys, Getslaven, Roxy among others, Left my old Guild wich was the nephilim, due to elitism, never or very rarely ever did partygrps, did do raids, done full hc NM and Valor and 1 normal Guldan but lately even that has stoped and, if i tried to get any1 from the Guild like 1 in 100 times i asked i got some kind of reply :/ very unfriendly imo, thats why i left and want a social and friendly Guild, that i Think CTsamurai is :), that also raids somewhat decently :), also its not such a serious Guild even if ur serious when raiding :), and by that i mean with the Schedules, if ur online and needed ull get in :)

About your character

Name: Elchupanibre
Spec:Balance\feral\Guardian but my raid specc is balance, but i got okeyish gear for feral and FatBear :)

I have Always enjoyed playing Druids, even if blizzard doesnt like Us for some reason "symbiosis any1 :(" i love the balance specc, even if compared to a mage or many other classes its still fucked up dps wise imo. Always loved druids and Always will, untill ofc i stop playing wow, :D and even after that

Final thoughts

Maybe not the best dps out there but i try my best, and treat me fairly and i am loyal, treat my shitely and i an gone
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